How can I take care of parametric decorations?

It is very easy. Each element is varnished, so there is no problem with dirt while cleaning.
Each element can be washed/dusted with a slightly damp cloth, but remember not to overdo it with the amount of water used, because we are talking about natural wood.

In addition - to each order we attach a universal, flexible crevice nozzle compatible with most vacuum cleaners!

Is plywood the only material you use?

Well, no. If the client wishes to use a different material than plywood for his individual project, e.g. to cover it with color, then we offer MDF, melamine plywood or laminated board.

Can I get a material sample?

Yes of course! A sample of varnished plywood from our standard palette of varnishes is free of charge. Each subsequent piece is payable in the amount of PLN 100/pcs.

Is it possible to order an assembly service?

Of course! In the order information, just mention the inclusion of assembly in the quote, and we will take care of the rest.

Is it possible to send the wall for self-assembly and installation?

We confirm! The walls consist of modules that can be assembled and installed by yourself. We also include assembly instructions, which are intuitive and simple. Each item is labeled so it's a breeze!

I am a designer and I am designing a public building. Do you have flame retardant certificates for your products?

Definitely! We have a Bs1-d0 plywood flame retardant certificate, and we also use flame retardant varnishes to complete such orders. However, it should be remembered that the color palette in this case is different and we rely only on that from the manufacturer.

Can your products be used outdoors?

If the customer orders a piece of furniture for outdoor use, he must inform us about it. Then we use a different type of plywood and a special varnish resistant to weather conditions.

Do you ship your products abroad?

That's right! At the moment, we have been sending our products to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, so EU countries are within our reach.