How to order

Quotation of a project

Our team collects all relevant design data to help you consider the most important points of your order, as well as to provide you with our price proposal. Inquiries should be sent to our email:

Valuation approval

Work begins after 77 Roots has received 50% of the order value.

Designing stage

At this stage, a detailed design and visualizations are created. From providing you with the visualization for review, to final approval.


We integrated custom software and precision manufacturing to bring visual and functional benefits to you, your client, to perfectly replicate visualization projects.

Shipping and delivery

Our team will take care of all logistics from start to finish. We send properly marked elements for self-assembly. All this ensures that your product is safely packed and will arrive on time intact.


If you are interested in the assembly made by our team - no problem. The method of assembly is determined at the very beginning of the order. Our installer team is here to help you.