Parametric walls

Parametric walls appeared as the first in our offer and have not only decorative functions. We offer walls with space for a TV set, mirror or company logo. Below you will find not only models of parametric walls, but also the colors that we offer to our customers. These are different colors of birch plywood, varnished twice with matt varnish. If the colors on our website do not match your project, we can adjust the color to your needs.

How to order
Parametric walls

We invite you to cooperate

We are looking for designers who in their projects have space to develop in a bold and exciting way. Instead of following a straight path, 77 Roots proposes designers to deviate from the typical solutions and take advantage of this constantly new and evolving canon of beauty. We are particularly focused on cooperation with design and architectural offices that work on designing hotels, restaurants, bars or urban spaces.

Private clients are also welcome, and together we will create something irreplaceable.

Illustrative models